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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I stage myself if I have a decorating flare or a background in interior design?

Not really. Effective home staging is so much more than just style sense and decorating ability. In fact, decorating ability may hinder a house from being staged well. Interior decorating always reflects the taste of the homeowners. Staging a house does not mean a perfect design. It really means setting a stage to showcase the property. It means it will be appealing not to somebody with a particular taste, but to a widest range of buyers in your targeted buyers’ demographics. Home staging assists them to emotionally connect with the house, and imagine themselves living in it.

2. Is it a good idea to list the house without staging first and if it does not sell in a month or two, then stage it?

This philosophy, designed to save money, actually has a tendency to cost the seller more than they could possibly stand to gain – in both time and money.

Every house has its peak moment. It is when the property is prepared, perfectly presented, everybody is excited and cannot wait to see it. New listings are hot and most showings happen in the first 5 days. The best possible offers are typically obtained during this initial period as well. When you postpone staging, when you show your property before you staged it, you have missed this peak moment, the opportunity of putting your best foot forward, to create the excitement of the first date.

3. Is the Home Staging is as expensive as house renovation?

A common misconception is that home staging is disproportionally expensive and means a complete makeover like we see on those HGTV shows! In reality, home staging is a wise investment but it is not a house renovation or decorating. Editing, rearranging, creating focal points, balance and flow in your house does not cost much but makes a huge difference in how it showcases.

At First Sight works with homeowner’s furnishings and accessories whenever possible, use existing resources and will make only the changes that are necessary to save homeowners’ money.

4. My property is not a high-end home, but just a small condo. Do I still need to stage it?

It is important to know that staging works in all homes, regardless of price, age or occupancy status. Also, At First Sight works with all budgets to get the job done.

Staging is done to show a home’s size and scale, as well highlight its best features. Every home needs to show at its very best for all showings. Any home, regardless of price point, has a competition and needs to appeal to every potential buyer that views the property.

5. Do I need to stage my home if it is priced right and has a great location?

At any given time there are other properties in the same area and same price point that will meet the needs of many buyers. So there is usually the competition for the same buyer and selling one’s house to this buyer really comes down to a marketing challenge. The seller who does the best job of presenting the product in the most appealing manner is the seller who will get the sale. Leaving your property in AS IS condition will only help sell the competing property up the road.

6. Why should I invest in a house I am leaving?

This is a valid question to ask for most homeowners getting ready to sell their houses. After all, who wants to spend money? Yet there are many reasons why you should do a short-term investment in a house you are leaving.

Home selling is changing, thanks in part to all those TV shows on HGTV, home decor magazines and the internet. Higher buyer expectations means sellers have to work even harder to compete in today’s slower and more competitive real estate markets. Also people want to buy a property in move-in condition. Victoria’s housing market is certainly changing and At First Sight Home Staging is the best solution for homeowners. Investing in professional Home Staging is the solution to costly mistakes for sellers.

7. What return can I expect on my investment in home Staging?

The investment of home staging is far less than the cost of a price reduction. Yes, you may have to put some time and money into your property. However, it is important to keep in mind that this money is an investment that will pay off. Staged homes typically sell 2-3 times faster and/ or for 3% more money than homes that are not staged, plus you will save on the extra expense of utilities, taxes and mortgage payments.

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