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Give Your Kitchen Some Love

Spring is traditionally the season when we love to clean, declutter, purge, organize, and detox. When I think about where to start, the kitchen comes to mind as it’s truly the heart of the home and everything starts here: lovingly preparing meals for our families, interacting with friends while getting ready to entertain. Lately, it has also become popular to use the islands and nooks to set up a place to put your laptop and enjoy a cup of coffee while checking email. As a result, it can become very busy, cluttered and even dysfunctional.
If you decided that you had enough and are ready to enjoy a nice place to cook, entertain, and relax, then use these guidelines. And if you are thinking of selling your house this spring or this year, it’s never too early to start. You will enjoy your beautiful kitchen and be ready when the time comes to put your house up for sale.
Sort by function.
Nothing is more stressful than trying to locate things when we need them. Especially when we’re searching through the things we don’t need! Start by going through your cupboards and eliminating duplicates, things that don’t belong, or are hardly ever used. Make sure you have a designated spot for things you use daily and toss or give away the rest. Do the same with the food items. Remember, even small cupboards will look large when they are 1/3 empty. The buyers will definitely open each and every one of them to see if their stuff will fit!
Choose what to display.
A wonderful thing about kitchens is that you can choose what to keep inside the cupboards, and what to display. A lot of kitchen and food items are very pretty and can serve as decor items and become part of the design. Use open shelves to showcase the pottery you bought at a local market, and fill a wooden bowl with root vegetables or colourful tropical fruit. If you have designers’ pots and pans, they can be displayed on hanging hardware. However I do not recommend it when you have the house on the market as it may distract the buyers from seeing the best features of your kitchen.
Create a flow.
It is very important how easy it is to use the kitchen and navigate between its functional parts. It is important in order to minimize the daily stress but also to show your potential buyers how they can enjoy using the kitchen. If you have some free standing furniture, it may interfere with the flow and give your buyers an impression of not enough storage or prep space. After you declutter your cupboards, it it it probably possible that you can get rid of extra furniture. Also, if you have a breakfast area, make sure that it is set up in a way that allows easy access in and out. Nothing makes people more uncomfortable than bumping into chairs or corners.
Bring freshness from the outside.
I said it before and I will say it again: one of the easiest ways to make people happy (and that includes your family members and your potential buyers) is bringing nature inside. Put a large vase with fresh cut flowers on the kitchen table and a couple of pretty potted plants on the window sill. They will bring a smile to your face every time you enter the kitchen and it will make it more welcoming for the buyers.
Happy staging and decorating!


Use flowers in home staging to wow the buyers

I really love flowers. In fact, I am a bit crazy about them! You can find them everywhere in my house.
Flowers bring so many positive emotions to our life and excite almost all our senses. And now, every corner store has them on display – why not take advantage and use them to decorate your house for spring?

Front door – as you approach your entrance, the flowers say “welcome home” and put a smile on your face.
Foyer – flowers look great on a console table or a window sill. If your foyer is dark or small, flowers will create an instant “upgrade”!
Office – I always keep a small planter with bright blooms by my computer. Just as I take a break from staring at the screen, I look at them and… ahhhhh…and I smile!

Dining room and kitchen – dining table, kitchen countertop, window sills – chose one or fill them all. There is no limit, in my opinion. It is difficult to overdo flower decor in your home!

And if you are preparing your house for sale, I cannot emphasize enough how important flowers are for staging! The main goal of all your staging activities is to create strong positive emotions about your home in your potential buyers and all your activities should focus on that. Plant flowers on your front lawn and by the front door for a happy first impression. Put a vase with fresh cut tulips or blooming branches in the foyer to say “Welcome home!” Put a small vase on a dresser or nightstand in your master bedroom to create a feeling of love and romance. Add a small planter to your desk to make it look less officey and more homey. Skip the placemats and dishes on your dining table and put a large bright orchid instead – it will last long with low maintenance and will give your dining room a luxurious look. Happy staging and decorating!