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About At First Sight

At First Sight Home Staging Solutions knows that your home is built not just from beams and bricks, but from memories and milestones. We know that making the choice to uproot your life and start again in a new space is one of the biggest changes you will ever make. We help you prepare to put your most valuable investment on the market. More importantly, we help you prepare to make the emotional transition of selling your home.

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What is home staging?

Simply put, home staging is about creating desire for potential buyers so that you can sell your home more quickly and get top dollar for your property. Wise sellers invest in staging so that they can showcase their homes as amongst the most desirable products in today’s competitive real estate market. Wise sellers know that they are not selling their own home, but rather “your new home”.


Why is home staging necessary?

People buy with their eyes first. You have heard the expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This could not be more true or more relevant than in the competitive real estate market. How a property looks at first glance – in your listing photos and later in person – is the best chance you have of creating desire for your potential buyers.


What is our approach to home staging?

By encouraging your potential buyers to envision themselves living in your space, At First Sight helps you to create desire as soon as buyers see your listing online, then when they walk into your home.

The process starts with clearing clutter out of sight and assessing what areas of your home need deep cleaning and repair. Buyers do not want to be thinking about all the tasks they will need to do to make the home liveable.

Next we direct you to begin packing up or stashing away your personal items like family photos, memorabilia and personal care products. This is often the hardest step, because you must symbolically begin to close the door on this chapter of your life. However, this is a crucial step because buyers don’t want to feel like they are intruding into a private space.

Once we de-clutter and de-personalize your space, we begin reconfiguring your home to optimize flow, make your rooms look bigger and more functional for your target market, and draw attention to the best features of your home (and detract attention from its flaws). This could involve either using your own furniture, art and accessories, or bringing in contemporary rental pieces to update the look of your home. We may also suggest updating paint colour, and bringing in art rentals to change the atmosphere of your home.


Why choose At First Sight Home Staging Solutions?

Valerie Westra of At First Sight has experienced, and come to embrace, big change in her life. She shares with you strategies for making and adjusting to change, and helps you look forward to the next steps with confidence. With a delicate balance of compassion and honesty, Valerie helps you to make the changes that are necessary to sell your home – quickly and for a higher asking price. She is passionate about showcasing your home to look its very best, and with her eye for artistry, she is a master at bringing light, colour and desirability to your home.


What else is At First Sight great at?

For realtors and developers, At First Sight is proud to be considered their secret weapon for marketing and listing their properties. As described above, we help reimagine occupied homes for the benefit of new homeowners. Because potential buyers can often have difficulty envisioning how spaces can be used, we also bring life to vacant properties by adding warmth, flow and decorative inspiration.